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Container Lease, Rental & Sale

Choose NRS for Container Lease, Rental & Sale
Flexibility to provide wide range of equipments, perfectly fit to your operation and specialized cargo

Merits of Rental

Merits of Lease

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We have wide range of equipments suitable for all your purposes

ISO Liquid Tank Container
[We load]
Food cargoes, Petrochemical cargoes, High purity products
ISO Gas Tank Container
[We load]
Cooling medium gas
ISO Powder and Granule Tank Container
[We load]
Polycarbonate, Food cargoes, Concrete
Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) UN Portable Tank
[We load]
Food cargoes, Petrochemical cargoes, Cosmetic products
JR Container
[We load]
Petrochemical cargoes, High purity cargoes, High pressured gas, Powder and granular cargoes, Food cargoes

Service Outline

  • ISO Tank Container
    • Tank Container Lease & Rental
    • Sale of brand new tank container
    • Sale of 2nd had tank container
  • IBC / Portable Tank
    • IBC Lease & Rental
    • Sale of brand new IBC
    • Sale of 2nd hand IBC
    • Sale of Polyethylene IBC
  • JR Tank Container
    • Lease
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