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ISO Tank Container - Heating, Storage & Cleaning ISO Tank Container Storage & Heating

Tank Container Open Storage Facility

Tank Container storage, suitable for...

  • Storage of imported ISO Tank Container
  • Temporary cargo storage during a factory periodic maintenance
  • Storage tank of your product
  • Reach stacker with max load weight 30t available

We can store ISO tank container loaded with hazardous materials for unlimited period

Tank Heating

  • Steam and/or Hot water cleaning
  • Night time, Sundays & Holidays 24/7 operation

High viscosity cargo and solid cargo at ordinary temperature can be smoothly handled by heating up and lowering the flow point

Hazardous cargo Open Storage Facility



  • Tank container loaded with Hazardous cargo: maximum 100 units
  • Tank container loaded with General cargo: maximum 100 units

Acceptable cargo types

  • Fire Service Act Category IV Class 1 Petroleum (only acceptable the flash point over 0 degree Celsiues)
  • Fire Service Act Category IV Alcohols
  • Fire Service Act Category IV Class 2 Petroleum
  • Fire Service Act Category IV Class 3 Petroleum
  • Fire Service Act Category IV Class 4 Petroleum

Hazardous materials General Storage Facility


  • 9 Heating lanes available
  • 24/7 heating operation
  • Automatic temperature control and recording by computer system
  • N2 gas purging to tank container

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