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Domestic Transportation Domestic Intermodal Transportation (Rail & Sea)

Nationwide network creating an environmental friendly Domestic Intermodal Transportation by Tank Container

Our nationwide network carries your chemical products, hazardous materials, pharmaceuticals and food products by ISO, JR or other type of Tank Container. Why don't you consider Tank Container as the alternative to the use of drums and tank lorry?

Single tank container can streamline your transportation

Shift the medium & long distance truckage to the rail and sea intermodal transportation now!

Just in time delivery without worrying the traffic jam

Authorized "Eco Rail Mark Supporting Company"

"Eco Rail Mark" is granted to the company using the railway transportation and actively working to contribute to the global environmental protection. "Eco Rail Mark Supporting Company" is granted to the company carrying the "Eco Rail Mark" approved product or the product of "Eco Rail Mark Supporting Company"

Eco Rail Mark

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