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3PL - Third Party Logistics

Outsource your logistic using our worldwide network backed by a wealth of experience
We offer the totally optimum plan with our IT network for both asset and non-asset logistics

Logistics Total Management

Logistic know-how
We provide logistic know-how to create the most suitable transportation, storage and cost control
Third Party Logistics
Entrust us your overall operation and rationalize your business
IT System
We can deal with various types of EDI. Web pick up & delivery instruction is also available.
Safety system
We, as the expert of hazardous, poisonous and high pressure gas transportation, provide highly qualified and effective logistics service.
Contracts & Regulations
We strictly comply with the relevant laws and regulations and live up to your trust to us as the logistics total planner.

Rich infrastructure such as warehouse, truck, software and human resources are essential to realize the most effective logistics. We will work to your demanding needs and carry on your business.

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