TOPCSRSafety Initiatives

Safety Initiatives

Our Safety & Quality Policy

Target  :  No Labor Accident, No Misdelivery, No On-site Accident (Accident-free Operation)
Slogan  :  Uplifting Safety Awareness

Safety Control

Safety Drive, Safety Operation

We aim to lower the potential risk by promoting KY (Kiken-Yochi) and HHK (Hiyari, Hatto & Kigakari) campaigns. We control drivers and operators' safety and compliance by ensuring implementation of morning meeting, health check, call over for every departure and return, operation instruction, safety instruction and reporting.

Accident Prevention Initiatives

We aim to prevent the accident by organizing employees' training and uplifting safety awareness.

  • Safety workshop
  • In service Training
  • Disaster drill
  • Rescue drills
  • Forklift on-site training
  • Eco-driving workshop

Facility Safety

Our Tank yard, piping and valves are properly coated according to the use for safe operation.

Safety Slogan

We call for entries of Safety Slogan idea to all employees once every year. The No.1 Slogan is placarded in all offices and logistics centers to uplift the safety awareness and thoroughgoing of safety operation.

Best Slogan of the year
"Use the manuals, Review the works, Stick to the basic for Safe Operation"

Employees' Qualification Program

Employees who finished our company education and training program will be certified as qualified staff member to support the uplift of our operation quality. Subcontracting companies are also invited to the same program.

Safety Patrol

Supervisor of Safety Promotion Room or each operation office is on duty of constant safety patrol to promote the prevention of accident and recurrence.

Excellent Safety Standard Company (G-mark certified)

All of our operation offices are certified as G-mark awarded company, a company with excellent safety standard, by Japan Trucking Association.

G-Mark is a certification of safe, secure and reliable trucking company.

Accident-free Award

Accident free drivers in one, five, ten & twenty consecutive years are personally awarded by the company. Operation office excellent in safety is also awarded.

Yellow Card

All drivers are always carrying Yellow Card showing transported cargo's nature to make sure proper handling during transportation and in emergency.

Safety Visitation

President visits each operation office to check the safety initiatives. Our President is working together with the employees to uplift our safety measures.

Development of ISO Tank Container Chassis with Preventive Overturn Device

The combination of Preventive Overturn brake and device, we are using highly safe container chassis which can prevent overturn risks during transportation.