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Our Social Responsibility

NRS Group carries out CSR to contribute to the development of permanent society, and improve our sustainable corporate value

1. About NRS Group's CSR

2. CSR Promotion Organization

CSR Promotion Committee heads the overall management and 4 core teams, "Compliance Team", "Risk Management Team", "Safety, Quality and Environment Team" and "Social Contribution Team" carries out the daily CSR activities.

3. Compliance

NRS Group is working actively to spread the acceptance and application of our compliance policy as specified in our Business Ethical Practice. We educate our employees expecting them not only to widen the knowledge of laws and regulations but also to understand the observance of social norms.
We are also working hard to enhance the organization structure and the internal corporate governance system as well to have them always meeting our compliance policy. Our work includes the close maintenance of internal regulations, opening the internal hotline as the employees' contact point for inquiries about the compliance.

4. Risk Management

We, as the company having the high share of transportation, storage and lease of tank container handling dangerous chemical cargoes, consider it as our most important social responsibility to get ready for the wide-scale disaster to recover and continue our business as soon as possible after the disaster.

Preparing for Major Earthquake

Our BCP (Business Continuity Plan) is put in practice to recover the operation and restart our service as soon as possible after the earthquake.

Measures against new strains of Influenza

Our BCP for new strains of Influenza is put in practice to continue our service and delivery.

5. Social Contribution

Support disaster area

In January 1995, at the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, our Tank Containers were used for water-supply tank in Kobe city and Takarazuka city.

Water supply activity at Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

In May 2008, at the Sichuan Great Earthquake in China, again our tank containers were used for water-supply tank. Our activity was greatly appreciated by the local government and also widely reported by the media.

Water supply activity at Sichuan Great Earthquake (1)

Water supply activity at Sichuan Great Earthquake (2)


Annual charity campaigns such as fund-raising, collection of used postal stamps, etc is carried out.

Support of environmental groups

We are the cooperate support member of world known environmental group WWF (World Wide Funds for Nature)

And more...

We promote activities strongly rooted in local communities such as community cleaning, participation in community events and open our playground to public.

Cleaning activity at Chiba Logistics Center