The chemical products we handle bring enrichment and happiness to society and our logistics business is the core of the chemical industry. We take pride in this and fulfill our social responsibility.
We aim to be widely supported by society as an excellent company through fair and sensible business conduct with independence and self-responsibility, based on "ethical conduct", "compliance with the law" and "commitment to safety".

Corporate Governance

Basic Policy

We are committed to ethical business conduct, compliance with the law, and safety and quality. We respect diverse personalities and individuality, and build sound and fair relationships with all stakeholders, including customers, business partners, employees, and shareholders.

In order to achieve these goals, we continue to strive for optimal corporate governance that enables us to make sound, transparent, fair, and prompt decisions.

Cooperate Governance System

■Board of Directors
The Board of Directors as the decision-making body for management, decides important business execution, management strategies and policies. It supervises the execution of business by directors and is responsible for sound business operations, including the establishment of internal control systems.

■Executive Board
Executive Board deliberates regularly on matters other than those to be resolved by the Board of Directors for the purpose of prompt business execution. The results are reported to the Board of Directors.

■Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Audits the business execution of directors and executive officers. It also audits whether appropriate management is being carried out in terms of compliance, accounting, etc.

■Audit Department
Verification and evaluation of the legitimacy, efficiency, economy and effectiveness of business operations from a standpoint independent of business execution departments, and reporting the results to the Board of Directors, etc. Assist the Audit & Supervisory Board member in the execution of their duties in accordance with their instructions.


NRS Group, having the top share in the industry in the logistics of chemicals and hazardous goods, believes that we have a social responsibility to continue our business at whatever time and at whatever place.
We have a business continuity management (BCM) system to ensure the recovery and continuation of business operations even under the risk of large-scale disasters and infectious diseases.

BCM System

Main Activities

  • 1Planning and reviewing of Business Continuity Planning (BCP) consecutively
  • 2Training
  • 3Storing equipments, food, water for emergency
  • 4Preparing for emergency communication tools
  • 5Backup for system and database

Information Security

ISMS Management Committee meetings are held once a year to ensure and further improve information security.

Acquisition of ISO27001 certification

We have acquired ISO27001 certification for our information systems division, which is an international standard for information security aimed at ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets.


The Compliance Committee is held to promote compliance throughout the company, including group companies. We aim to achieve zero compliance violations by adhering to the NRS Group Code of Ethics.

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