Social Contribution

NRS Activities

Disaster relief

Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

In the wake of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in January 1995, activities used large tank containers to supply water in Kobe City and Takarazuka City.

Large Earthquake in Sichuan Province, China

In the wake of the Great Sichuan Earthquake in China in May 2008, a large-scale tank container was used to supply water in the same way as the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake was greatly appreciated by the Chinese authorities and was widely reported in the Japanese media.

The Great East Japan Earthquake

In the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, we provided IBC for water supply to the disaster-stricken areas, free transportation of fishing vessels, and other support for disaster-stricken areas.
The content of these support activities was reported in TV and newspapers.

Support to sports for people with disabilities

We have concluded a cooperative agreement with Japan Powerchair Football Association.
Through the support to Japan Powerchair Football Association, all employees are working to deepen their positive understanding of “support to persons with disabilities” and to provide “support for persons with disabilities” at the level of each employee. We will contribute to the further promotion and development of sports for people with disabilities.

Fundraising activities

We collect donations from employees once a year, and donate the same amount from the company to the matching fund. Launched in 2009, the foundation donates approximately ¥1 million to MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES (Doctors Without Borders), UNICEF, Scholarship Foundation for Traffic Accident Orphans, and Japan Powerchair Football Association.
In addition, in the event of a large-scale disaster in Japan and overseas, we collect donations to support victims and provide support to the affected areas through our operations. Employees also take the initiative in volunteer activities, such as collecting used stamps, miss-writing postcards, and collecting used books.

Total Number of Employee Donations for Matching Funds

Support for blood donation activities

NRS Group conducts annual blood donation activities by employees at its headquarters and business sites. In May 2017, we were registered as a blood donation supporter by the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Contribution to neighboring communities

Chiyoda Ward Social Welfare Council

We join the Chiyoda Volunteer Club, which is run by Chiyoda Volunteer Center, and actively participate in volunteer activities in neighboring areas.
Employee communication is enhanced through participation in volunteer activities in local communities.

Participation in Chiyoda Ward Welfare Festival/Creating wooden educational puzzles for children in the disaster area
Performance by NRS Music Units at Homes for the Elderly and Institutions for the Disabled

Cleanup activities

NRS Group is actively engaged in regional cleanup at its head office and offices.
Chiyoda Ward, where the head office is located, has designated the “Chiyoda Ward Cleanup Day” twice a year. Businesses and organizations, including Chiyoda Ward and local residents, work together to conduct clean-up activities and raise awareness of environmental beautification. We also participate in these activities and are inviting employees to participate in volunteer activities.

Volunteer activities by employees at the Chiyoda Ward Cleanup Day
Local cleanup at business sites

Participation in Food Bank Activities

When replacing stockpiled foods for disaster prevention, food that still has a shelf life will be donated to Second Harvest Japan for use in a variety of activities.

Social contribution from a global perspective

Our Group bases in the United States, Europe, China, South Korea, and Southeast Asia are engaged in environmental protection and disaster relief activities while giving due consideration to the circumstances of their respective regions.
In order to contribute to the development of local communities and society at large, we will continue to carry out social contribution and environmental conservation activities at each site.

Tree Planting Activities in Thailand:NRS Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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