1946Nippon Riku-un Sangyo Co., Ltd. founded for the purpose of selling transportation of petrochemical using restored tank cars that had been damaged in the war
1961Nichiriku Transportation Co., Ltd. established; Transport business begins
1972 Nichiriku Warehouse Co., Ltd. Established, and Ichihara Warehouse opened in Chiba;
Dangerous Warehouse business begins
1973Osaka Branch opened in Osaka
1977Osaka Warehouse opened in Osaka
1981Takaishi Chemical Co., Ltd. Established. Tank terminal business begins
Custom clearance business begins
1982Tank container business begins
198524-ton chassis developed, and road passage license acquired
1988London Representative office opened
1990US subsidiary NRS America Inc. founded in New York
Interflow (Tank Container System) Ltd.(U.K.) acquired and Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) business begins
1993Capital increased to 1.2 Billion Yen
Head office moved to Rokubanchou Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Chiyoda Warehouse opened in Gunma
1995Rental and sales of IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) begins
1996Yokohama Warehouse (YCC) opened in Kanagawa
Tank container cleaning and maintenance business begins
ISO9001 certifications acquired
Jakarta Representative office opened
1997Singapore Representative office opened and NRS Singapore Pte Ltd. established as local subsidiary
1999Jakarta subsidiary NRS Indonesia established (the subsidiary sold off in 2009)
Shanghai Representative office opened
2002Shanghai joint venture, Shanghai Nichiriku Wailianfa Logistics Co., Ltd., established
2004Nichiriku Transportation Co., Ltd. and Nichiriku Warehouse Co., Ltd. Merged
Dangerous and Bonded warehouse opened in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone
2005Nagoya Logistics Center opened in Aichi
Kyusyu Logistics Center opened in Saga
Shanghai joint venture, Shanghai NRS-NORINCO Logistics Co., Ltd., established
2006Dangerous goods transport business begins in Shanghai
Capital increased to 2 Billion Yen
2007Air cargo business begins
Tokyo Rail Freight Terminal office opened
2008Company name changed to NRS Corporation
License of Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical products acquired
Approval of IATA Cargo Sales Agent acquired
Certification of Authorized Economic Operator acquired, approved by Tokyo Customs Office
Kawasaki Container Terminal Depot opened in Kanagawa
2009ISO14001 certification acquired
Chiba Logistics Center Sodegaura Warehouse opened in Chiba
NRS Logistics Shanghai Co., Ltd. established in Lingang New District of Shanghai Yanshang Port
2010Head office moved to current Headquarters at Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
2011Yokohama Logistics Center opened in Kanagawa
2012Shunan sales department opened in Yamaguchi
Busan joint venture, CULT Logis BUD Co.,Ltd., established
2014Seoul joint venture, NRS-Hanex Co., Ltd., established
NRS Logistics Korea Corporation established in Seoul
2015Bangkok Representative office opened
Raiza Express Corporation acquired
2016NRS Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd established in Bangkok
NRS Corporation 70 Years Anniversary
2017NRS Corporation Taiwan Branch established in Taipei
Tokyo Chemical Center co., Ltd. becomes subsidiary company
Hwaseong Logistics Center opened in Gyeonggi-do, Korea
2018Chubu Logistics Center opened in Aichi
NRS Logistics Vietnam Co., Ltd. established in Hanoi
2019NRS Chemical Center Co., Ltd. becomes subsidiary company
2020Toke Distribution Center opened in Chiba
2021Intertech Shunan Depot opened in Yamaguchi
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